EU 1022 in China
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Georgi Buchkov

     1. Electronic computer EU-1022. (Similar EU-1010M models, EC-1011, EC-1012, EC-1032, EC-1033, EC-1052)
     2 Main constructor: Rostovtzeff I. K .; major designers: Krivonos MI, Shersheny VP, Chalaydyuk, MF, Korotchenya MI, Smirnov D. D., Lenkova VM, Kachkov VP
     3 Organization-developer: Referee Association of plant EIM "GK Ordzhonikidze" NIIEIM Minsk. Office: Ministry of radio industry of the USSR.
     Factory: Minsky plant EIM "GK Ordzhonikidze" MRP USSR; Brest Electromechanical Plant MRP USSR; Zit, Bulgaria, Sofia.

Year of completion of development: 1975.
Year of initial production: 1975.
Terminating the proceedings: 1982.
Areas of application: EU-1022 is an advanced model of the EU-1020 received widespread. Used for solutions to scientific, technical, economic, information and logical tasks in the mode of batch processing time division between consumer mode teleprocessing and remote access via telephone and telegraph channels.
Number produced machines from all manufacturers have produced a total of 3828 machines. This is the most widely spread EU in the countries of the Socialist camp.
Structure of EU.
EU architecture EU-set 1:
set commands - 144 commands a standard set of commands EU Series 1
width of processing - 16 binary digits,
width word of operational storage - 32 digits. Volume of RAM  of ferrite cores - 128-512 Kb.
Means to direct management to create dual-processor complexes.
Universal interface for connection to external devices. Two selector channels.
Disk subsystem shift magnetic disks with a capacity of 29 MB.
Band subsystem of the magnetic tape with the recording density of 64 pulses at 1 mm.
Element base: integrated circuits, series 155 ( "Logic 2"). Expanded nomenclature, including microcircuits with an average degree of integration.
Structure: three standard cabinet EU EIP-1 ​​processor cabinet, cabinet power cabinet ferritе main memory. In the cabinets on two opening frames with two panels each. Dimensions cabinet: 1200h750h1600 mm. Standard elements for replacement (TEZ) with dimensions 140h150 mm (standard TEZ-s EU EIM) Air cooling using standard ventilators EU EIM. Power set standard EU power units for EU.
Technology: double sided PCB TEZ(type element replacement) plants are prepared by the method of full metallization of holes. Installation of panels by the method of cornering. Mechanized preparation and installation of elements on TEZ. Total soldering TEZ-s of the solder wave. Semi-automatic installation of the panels and automated control of the installation on the frames and cabinets. Created test equipment to mechanize the operations of installation and control. Further developments in mechanization and automation of TEZ-ve. They are designed and prepared stands and KIP devices, primarily for TEZ memory. As a result onerous to prepare TEZ becomes minimal in the industry. Sophisticated are shaping methods for machining.
Software: machine delivered disk operating system (DOS 2.1), including himself except control programs, supporting simultaneous processing of three work programs Compilers Assembler, RPG, FORTRAN-4 Kobol, PL-1 well system utilities and kit maintenance programs. Provided  working with operating system OS 4.1.


China 1981
China 1981

Technical specs: performance - 80 thousand. Operations per second mixture Gibson-3. Footprint of basic kit - 108 sq. Meters. Operating temperature air - 5-40oS. Power use the basic set of 25 kW.
Characteristics of EU. EU-1022: fully stored constructive and technological continuity with  EU 1020 and has a number of advantages:

has increased 6 times;
    Еxpanded Main Memory (RAM);
    In production are used microcircuits series 155 ( "Logic 2").



     Kachkov VP, Kondratyev AP, Lenkova VM, Rostovtzeff IK, Smirnov GD Elektronnaya vichislitelynaya machine EU-1022. M. Statistics, 1979.
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