EU 1035 in Data center Moscow
Фото предоставлено
Vencho Velinov, Georgi Momchev

Technical and operational characteristics

    Productivity - 160 thousand operations per second on a mixture of Gibson-3.
Bandwidth - 1200  Kb/s.
The occupied area of ​​the basic set - 110 square meters.
Operating temperature - 5-40 ° C.
Power consumed by the basic set - 40 kVA.

ES-1035 is the mainframe computer from the Second Series(based on the IBM 370 architecture) was developed in Minsk, USSR under the supervision of G.D. Smirnoff with active contribution by CIIT-Sofia. After the design had been completed it was handed over to specialists in ZIT for manufacturing. The main improvement over the First Series is its support for virtual memory. It was manufactured in Minsk, USSR and ZIT Sofia, Bulgaria.


Main components:

  • PU ES-2635 (.03 and .21 model cabinet) containing:
    • CPU ES-2435 or ES-2435.21 (running microprograms with 32-bit addressing, 32-48 KB memory capacity)
    • RAM ES-3235, ES-3237 or ES-3238 (4 KB of capacity per integrated circuit)
    • System consoles ES-1535.01 or .03
    • Floppy disk readers (ES-3535) for loading microprograms (sometimes replaced by hard drive)
    • PSU ES-0835.01
      ZIT hall setting processors
      ZIT hall setting processors


  • Hard drive (ES-5061) and tape reader subsystems (ES-5017). Many of the manufactured systems included magnetic hard drives ES-5067 (100 or 200 MB capacity), for example IZOT A544E or IZOT A529E.
  • Terminals
  • I/O devices (punch-card or punch-tape readers), Printers
  • Some of the machines from these series included the telecommunications processor ESTEL.
  • For the first time in the ES-1035 appeared:

        reloads firmware memory;
    virtual memory capacity of 16 MB;
        block multiplex
    mode selector channels;
    egister the event;
    extended precision floating-point calculations;
    built-in adapter channel-channel;
    repetition of micro-ops in the crash;
    automatic fault diagnostics;
    compatibility with computers "Minsk-32"

    EU 1035
    Hall setting EU 1035


  • Overall 2138 machines were manufactored by the factory at Minsk and ZIT-Sofia.