Theological Central

The largest central management of the North County

High performance complex on the basis of EU-1037 and matrix processor EУ-2706. One of the most perspective directions in the creation of computational systems are multiprocessor complexes, which solve problems with large volumes of data using methods for parallel computation.
Array processors (MP) ES2706 provide users
Mainframe Computer midrange performance level corresponding to super computers at significantly lower prices. MP are used in areas such as exploration and exploitation of natural resources on land and in the ocean management processes and equipment in space, air, sea and factory design of bridges, buildings, aircraft engines, automobiles, integrated circuits others.
The matrix processor ES2706 is independent. It joins EU with the help of a standard interface for input-output. Productivity MP ES2706 12 million. Arrhythmia. op. / s, or 30 million. equivalent EU op. / s. In MP has its own memory for programs, which can be uploaded throughout the custom processing algorithm and data memory of up to 4 Mbps. The programming is done on mikro-asembler ARA or high-level language FORTRAN AP-77.