EU-1037 Dubna_1989

Laboratory of Computer Science and Automation - JINR - Dubna

The report for 1989.

In 1989 he commissioned a new basic EU-1037(IZOT-1014E) computer, the processor of teleprocessing of the EU-8371 Data (PDD) and the disk subsystem for the EU series computer with total capacity of 15.2 GB. With the help of the EU-1037 is included in the PDD JINET (Joint Institute NETwork) network.

Inserted software option for JINET network users with the EU-1037 computer (IZOT-1014E). It created the first stage of complex software EU-1037 computer (IZOT-1014E) and the EU-1061 for operation on the total disk space.

In UCS the transition to work under the control of the operating system virtual machines (SVM). This system provides advanced tools to work in an interactive mode allows you to use more resources to carry out system operation and testing peripherals without impacting users.

A similar system is in operation on the IBM computers at CERN, so provides compatibility of software between the JINR and CERN. Have developed a system-wide software base computer. new translator from the language "C", the new version of the software packages were commissioned, developed at CERN: GENLIB, PACKLIB, ZEBRA, PATCHY, KERLIB, GEANT, and others.

For CBM system performed adaptation of the software matrix processor ES-2706, graphic packages, and the first version of a general-purpose programming library "Dubna"