Sofia - the National Assembly building

Radio. Issue №9 of September 1989.

... Moscow hosted the Jubilee National Exhibition "Bulgaria Today and Tomorrow."

Minister of Bulgaria, Chairman of the "Electronics" association I. Tenev. Our company are reliable partners to the EU computer program. They are not only engaged in production of machines, peripheral devices in this series, but also in cooperation with Soviet specialists successfully debuted in such promising areas as the creation of EU-based multiprocessor computer systems, where possible with the use of parallel computing problem solving methods with a large amount of data. For example. Use the matrix processor EU 2706 - this is a significant step towards a super-computer. Its capacity of 30 million operations per second. High complex, built on the basis of EC 1037 and four matrix processor achieves performance already 100 million operations per second. This opens up the possibility of using such systems to process large streams of data in scientific research and so on. D. Visitors to the exhibition in Moscow learned about the collective use centers, with a number of large systems for teleprocessing, such as "ESTEL" and "Sweet", for processing video, hierarchical computer