EU 1703
Фото предоставлено
Ivan Stamboliyski

EU 2706 is a Bulgarian development and is available in two versions - with nterface machines from single series (EU) and mini machines (SM). In some areas benefited with IBM and PDP, as a joint program with the AP 190 L of the company FPS. In the USSR is equipped with Bulgarian and Russian Machines. Mainly used for multi-machine complexes for research in aerospace, in the oil industry for search of oil and gas fields in the method of "blast". The largest market share in the sale of array processors from member countries of CMEA there USSR.

ES2706 for its time progressive technology to accelerate computing processes. It was possible concurrent use on more than one processor matrix calculator to accelerate the processes. Its use began in the EU assembly 1035 - Bulgarian production to other machines on a single series, produced in Russia. Complete with IZOT 1014 (EU 1037) was made high performance complex EU 1703 - a central processor and 4 pcs. array processors. It especially enjoyed in data centers oil industry as the search method of oil required processing large amounts of data stored on magnetic media. The idea of ​​using matrix calculations to date and today - naturally at another level of technology.