Computing Machinery Works - 80s
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Ivan Stamboliyski, Vencho Velinov

Computing Machinery Works - SOFIA
Brief history of the period 1968-1977 year.

Computing Machinery Works was established by the 12th decree of the Council of Ministers of 17.11.1967, with the purpose to produce digital electronic computing, electronic calculators and other computing resources.

Due to lack of its own production facility, the plant is housed temporarily in the building of the Research Institute for Automation -Str. "Jordan Visegradski" 46 - Sofia, District People's Council - Kirkov.

On the grounds of Paragraph 2 Item 6 of the  decision of Council of Ministers 358 of 6.09.1968 g Executive Committee of the Gallery shall issue a decision by a report on 9/15/1968 emphasis on a plot of 200 acres north of the road Sofia-Plovdiv at the seventh kilometer, just against physical Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and in 1968 began construction of its own building the plant, which ended the 1972-73 year.

By letter 5235 of 08.01.1971 of the Committee for science, technical progress and higher education on the basis Decree 24 of 1971 form to plant electronic data center.

From September 1972 to factory creates industrial-training center.

The plant is managed by a director, deputy directors, there are directional and business advice. In the administration are separate production, technical, economic and commercial department.


Source: Fund 2423 State Archives Sofia, Bulgaria.