EU 2706

EU 1703

EU 2706 is a Bulgarian development and is available in two versions - with nterface machines from single series (EU) and mini machines (SM). In some areas benefited with IBM and PDP, as a joint program with the AP 190 L of the company FPS. In the USSR is equipped with Bulgarian and Russian Machines. Mainly used for multi-machine complexes for research in aerospace, in the oil industry for search of oil and gas fields in the method of "blast".

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Ivan Stamboliyski


ZIT 151


ZIT-151 is the name of the first series of mainframe computers manufactured in Bulgaria. It was manufactored by the ZIT factory in Sofia under licensing agreement with the Japanese company Fudjitsu. The machine was based on Facom-230-30 designed by the same company. The integration of the manufacturing process started with training of specialists, handing-over of the complete manufacturing documentation and ready-for-assembly components and cabinets imported from Japan. The machines were assembled in ZIT by using wire wrapping connection technology.


EU 1037(IZOT 1014E)

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EU 1703 - High-performance complex IZOT 1014 and 4 pcs. Array processors EU 2706

IZOT 1014E went into regular production in 1987. It is fully compatible with previous software computing machines from EU - production of zit and American IBM Series 360, 370 and 43xx, with improved technical characteristics. For the first time in Bulgarian computing began to use schemes with a high degree of integration.
With the certification of the machine in EU series 4, she received EU code 1037 and as such was sold in the Soviet Union and CMEA countries.



EU 1035

EU 1035 in Data center Moscow

Technical and operational characteristics

    Productivity - 160 thousand operations per second on a mixture of Gibson-3.
Bandwidth - 1200  Kb/s.
The occupied area of ​​the basic set - 110 square meters.
Operating temperature - 5-40 ° C.
Power consumed by the basic set - 40 kVA.

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Vencho Velinov, Georgi Momchev